The very first manipulations with the new structures of the lower gates took place in the period from 25.11 to 26.11.2020 (the first day there was the manipulation with the left wing structure and the next day with the righ wing structure). The structures were slowly closed from the assembly position (almost open position). The first movement was preceded by the release of the structures from the hinges and securing, dismantling of the scaffolding and inspection. The handling was performed slowly, with the help of a rope winch and under constant control. The manipulation was smooth, trouble-free, and no adverse events were observed. The Contractor currently performs detailed inspections and fact-finding. The setting of fixed parts – masonry fittings (seating and sealing) and their concreting will follow. Finally, seals and seating plates will be mounted on the structures of both lower gates wings. All these parts will be fitted so that the lower gates perfectly fit in the closed position.