Gabčíkovo, 4th October 2021


The trial operation of the right lock chamber should last approximately twelve days. It was preceded by individual tests, tests of the functionality of individual integral parts and comprehensive tests of all the equipment, which were carried out for approximately half a year, from March 2021.


Within the European project, “Upgrade of Gabčíkovo Locks” the right lock chamber was the first to be modernized and innovated. The works included, among other things, the replacement of the double-wing lower gates, replacement of the upper head flaps and segmental upper gates with accessories, modernization of the dynamic protection system, modernization of ship mooring elements, modernization of the filling and emptying system, colour unification of the surfaces and the implementation of the control system of the locks.


Before commissioning the upgraded right lock chamber, were performed individual tests, functional tests and comprehensive tests, which were officially completed this week. The tests verified the functionality and reliability of the individual technological equipment of the right lock, with a focus on the safety of navigation and the operation itself. Currently it is the time for the test operation. It is expected to last approximately twelve days (in accordance with the approved submitted test plan) and, if it continues without any problems, the final handover will take place and the right lock will be officially put into full operation. This is a significant milestone for VODOHOSPODÁRSKA VÝSTAVBA, STATE ENTERPRISE (VV), when the upgraded lock will be used for international shipping.  The main goal of this project is to increase the safety of water transport, modernization and also thanks to the upgrade of the whole control system, VV expects that the passage through the Gabčíkovo stage will be faster and smoother.


Following the successful takeover of the right lock chamber and commissioning, construction works on the innovation and modernization in the left lock chamber will continue.



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